One of my favorite novels of all time is 'Shades of Grey" by Jasper Fforde. This book chronicle a fantastical post apocalyptic future ruled by caste system based on color. Citizens are then placed into their given caste by how much of the colors spectrum they cane see. Grays being the lowest and ultra-violets being the highest. I part of that book that will always stand out in my mind is a few of the characters would pause to open up their false pocket-watches to view a palette of Lincoln green. In their world this was a narcotic that provoked wild euphoria within the viewer. Of course it was illegal but the upper classes did it anyway. I have always loved that as a concept primarily because it's an exaggeration of reality.

I have always been highly attuned to colors and smells. Based on that fact, I associate the two all the time for no reason. When I was younger I loved blues and cool colors like purple. I look good in red, but highly dislike that color since it makes me feel 'triggered'. Around the time I became a teenager I started gravitating to wearing grays and earth-tones, but also started buy objects that had sea-foam / surf rock green colors. That has been pretty much my own aesthetic for a long time. I wear plan colors but I love to be surrounded by vibrant primaries and analogous color patterns. It just feels right in a subtle way. I am also a bit of a sucker for that trendy vaporwave (cyan/magenta/purple).

Outside of material possessions, I look at colors in very different way by themselves. Each colors brings with it a feeling and a purpose in my opinion. This is what brings me to why green is my favorite color. I find it to be an intelligent color, but also wise and infinite.

This brings up other feelings of stability and support when I gaze into a big splash of solid green. But that's just my wild take. I also think about the same things that most people think about when they see green. Green is the color of nature, the color of springs and summer. It is also the color of money (In the United States).

In closing, I want to say this is a highly subjective post. I was provoked to write it because I was drinking with a friend and an unrelated topic made me think of color theory. After talking for a while I came to realize that not everyone has these kind of strong reactions to color. I never used to think about color this way until I went to college for web design. In addition to a lot of hard skills training classes, there were also quite a few top-level conversation about color theory. After that point I started looking at color differently.