Working from home can be incredibly empowering to some, and devastating to others. I have always wanted to write a post about my experiences working from home, and now with the world being shut down temporarily, I thought this might be a good time to talk about it. Let me start off by saying I love working remotely, but I also like the routine of the office. I am personally the type of person that would prefer a set of instructions and a pile of work that I can just take away, complete, and give back to you all nice and tidy... The reality is that so many of our daily tasks revolve around coordination between many different departments with various disciplinary backgrounds.

Regardless of my preferences, I truly love to pick through issues and problem solve with a team to conceive the best possible solution. I love doing it when I working design, and I still love doing it in web development. It's the nature of my job. When I find myself in that situation I sometimes work with people who are highly technical and might be good/bad with people. I work with other people who are great with people but aren't great at following simple steps. My point is some are people-focused while others as more task-focused. Coordination of these groups and acceptance of different personality types, and how they impact the project is a key factor in any project.

I work in technology, but these principals apply to any group of people solving any problem, but in business, there is obviously more at stake.